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Jen and I a while back noticed that there were some silly twitter accounts named after some of our favorite audio animatronics (AA). We thought we’d bring them to your attention and hopefully get some more follows their way. When you are at the park(s) be sure to interact with them via twitter, it makes for a fun time. One thing to keep in mind, these are unofficial twitter accounts and are in no way sanctioned in any way by Disney.

Our favorites:

  • @HaroldSnowman (He’s on Facebook too!)
    Harold is the scary snow monster that lives in the Matterhorn. Even though people zoom past him as he yells ”RAAAAAAWR!” he tries to interact with people on twitter between Bobsleds. Of course CMs and I suppose AAs aren’t allowed to use mobile phones while “on stage” so don’t tell on him!
  • @NemoSeagulls
    Interacting with Ted and his pals is pretty fun. They say “Mine” a lot and talk about “butters” and the “peoples” that look at them. They talk quite a bit to @HaroldSnowman too, since they are neighbors and all! Here is a recent interaction with them in which I took a pic of them  posted it on twitter as an @ reply to @NemoSeagulls:
    they replied:
  • @MurphyTracker
    Murphy the Fantasmic Dragon (named after Murphy’s Law when she kept having mechanical issues) is a fun twitter account to interact with because she lives in the water yet can hear quite a bit topside. She’s even posted some “overheards” to our @OHatDL account: http://www.ohatdl.com/?s=murphytracker

Here is a list of many more “AA’s” to interact with:


  • @MidwayPotato


  • @TheTomMorrow
  • @Dioramasaur
  • @MurphyTDragon
  • @BillyBigThunder
  • @BTMGoat
  • @SmallWorldHive
  • @BuckyDragon
  • @BathingBertha
  • @DroidRX24
  • @SpaceMountainA
  • @EyeOfMara
  • @AbeLincolnAA
  • @SuzyTheCar
  • @Monstro_Whale
  • @MsMainStFortune
  • @SlitherinFluffy

Tiki Room

  • @JoseTikiRoom
  • @TikiRoomPierre
  • @TikiRoomFritz
  • @GleeClubTiki
  • @GodsTikiRoom
  • @MichaelTikiRoom

Pirates of the Carribean

  • @PirateRedhead
  • @Nokeys4Pirates
  • @CaptJonAuction
  • @AuctioneerAA
  • @PotCMaria
  • @PoCCarlos
  • @Johnny_DeppAA

Haunted Mansion

  • @GhostsThatHike
  • @TheHatBoxGhost
  • @hmGhostHost
  • @Madame_Leota
  • @ConstanceBride
  • @GraveyardBusts
  • @HHikingGhosts

WDW Specific:

  • @SSEphoenician
  • @SSEPaperboy
  • @ProgressDad
  • @CarouslOProgrss
  • @SwngnTeddiBarra
  • @BonnieAppetite
  • @CaptainRX24

Did we miss one? Which is your favorite and why? Have they said anything funny to you or in response to something you told them? Leave a comment below, we’d love to read about it.

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