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I left the house at 9:30pm and headed to Disneyland area taking surface roads. My brother Brandon and is wife called me letting me know that they arrived and it was a zoo. There was no place to park and things just weren’t going their way. Me being the Disney fan that I am took this as a challenge and did the 12 mile drive to the park. On my way I grabbed something to eat since I knew the place was going to be a mad house and I also knew I’d be paying to park since my daughter Jessalyn wasn’t with us who is the only one with a parking pass. During my drive in I noticed on the 5 FWY how just how many people there were getting off on the 2 exits, Ball Rd and Harbor Blvd and that the 2 right lanes of both the North and South bound were a traffic mess.

Assessing the chaos

I drove around Disneyland to see how bad the traffic was, it was pretty bad. Cars honking at one another, a car accident, people yelling and going nuts in their cars. By now it’s 10:30pm and I wanna go see my friends in the park. While driving down Katella heading east I noticed a massive line of cars making a right. I had a bad feeling that there would be a mass of cars trying to make the next left into the lot. Putting my thinking cap on I turned down Hotel Way and went between the convention center and the hotels then made a left to W Convention Way. This worked out great since I skipped all the left and right turn traffic both the north and south bound people were dealing with and drove straight into the lot. I’m not a sheep and I try my best to get around all the sheep as much as I can.

Toy Story Lot

11pm and I’m finally getting into the parking lot. The parking here was pretty crazy, first thing I noticed was the gates were wide open with no cast members at the booths. Score! I hate paying for parking. After that I drove around a the lot a bit and made my way to Jessie and parked there. I got on the bus and we headed off to Disneyland… finally. The drive there was painful, I should have walked and others on the bus were thinking the same thing. I’ve never walked from this lot to Disneyland so I wasn’t quite sure how long that would take.  The bus to about a 1/2 hour to get to the depot which was just crazy and it was a dumb idea to be lazy and take the bus to begin with.

The Esplanade

We get off the bus and I head to the right where the 15 minute parking area is and notice a long line forming. It took about 15-20 mins to get to the security area. I’m texting Chad and Rosemary letting them know my progress. Its getting close to 12 midnight at this point and the line I’m in is going to the left towards the new closed DCA. This is one of about 5-7 lines that have formed stretching across the Esplanade heading to Disneyland All of them are towards the east side of the property. To the east I can see LOTS of people waiting in line to buy tickets. My only thought on this is they are buying them so they can stay the full day from Midnight to when they close the park at 6 then come back when it opens again and finish off the rest of the day. Personally I’d never buy a ticket for something like this. If you are not an AP then something is wrong with your logic. It’s bad enough I’M waiting in line for this yet you are paying for it today. Woah. 12:45 and the line starts making noise, the folks to the west of me are rumbling about something then they all dash for the gate. My line and the 2 on either side of me are standing firm, a few of them in front of us move but not many. It looks like they opened additional gates and everyone was rushing to get in. I later found out that they were just hold a lot of us back since the place was a capacity. 1am and I’m texting in sister in law Corey letting her know that I got into the park. It’s been 4 hours since I left my house. Judge me all you want icon smile Friday Favorites   Disney24   One More Disney Day

IMG 3343 150x150 Friday Favorites   Disney24   One More Disney Day IMG 3346 150x150 Friday Favorites   Disney24   One More Disney Day IMG 3342 150x150 Friday Favorites   Disney24   One More Disney Day

IMG 3347 150x150 Friday Favorites   Disney24   One More Disney Day  IMG 3345 150x150 Friday Favorites   Disney24   One More Disney Day IMG 3344 150x150 Friday Favorites   Disney24   One More Disney Day

It looks the same as any night

Walking in a see a few folks near where the Christmas tree area usually is standing behind and around a sign that reads One More Disney Day or something to that effect. I keep walking heading to where my friends are over at Plaza Inn. When I got there  Ryan Moody, Angela, Elizabeth and Chris from Original D are there along with Mark, Chad from Days in the Park and Rosemary and Neal from Finding Mickey were all there hanging out. We sat around and talked and people watched. A few hours later we walked over to Carnation Plaza and watching people take pictures with PJ wearing Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy.

IMG 3382 300x116 Friday Favorites   Disney24   One More Disney Day

After seeing them all dressed up we headed home, didn’t take the busses and just walked.

Would I do this again? I dont think so, I wasn’t able to get there until late and I’d imagine if I was able to get involved in the other events going on there I would have enjoyed myself more.

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