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20120309 155816 Review: Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland

A while back, we received an email from author Meredith Lyn Pierce asking if we were interested in reviewing her book, Lots To Do In Line: Disneyland After checking out the premise of the book, I was really excited.

This book is published by the Intrepid Traveler. They also put out some other fantastic Disney titles such as Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys as well as a Walt Disney World version and many more titles to help travelers get the most out of their vacation.

So what is Lots To Do In Line? I’ll let the Intrepid Traveler’s website handle that

“Celebrate the fun that most people overlook at the Disneyland Parks — the lines!

No one likes to stand and wait. But happily you don’t have to stand and wait at the Disneyland theme parks. Disney’s Imagineers have packed every queue line with fascinating details for you to discover. Lots To Do In Line guides you to the magic that surrounds you en route to the rides. A great way to get kids to interact with the Disney Magic every step of the way throughout the day!”

Besides sending us the printed book, we also received a code to download the iPhone app. We loaded it up on the iPhone, grabbed the book and took them for a spin. The iPhone version is fantastic. Very easy to use, nice to look at and does all of the math for you. After a few minutes, I believe Jason put the book away and just listened as I read out the questions.

Our 6 year old was extremely into listening to the questions and then looking for the answers. As we were testing it out in line for Pirates of the Caribbean, the couple behind us starting getting in on the action as well. Once we found the answer we were looking for, she asked us what we were doing and I shared with her about the book. She said, “I HAVE to get a copy of that book!”

The book and the app are very well organized and easy to read and understand. One thing I noticed was the attractions with fast passes usually move too fast to really be able to answer the questions. Meredith does account for fast pass attractions with revised lists, but there will be times you’re just flying through the line and can’t take the time to look. Which I suppose is a good problem to have.

Would you like more details about the book specifically? Our friends Chad and Mark from Days in the Park wrote up a really nice review here detailing the layout of the book as well as their experience using it.

Overall this is a super fun way to pass the time in what could otherwise be a complete joy drain. Our 6 year old loves it, I love it, Jason loves it, the random couple behind us in line loved it. I’m sure you’ll love it too!

We were given a copy of the book and a code for the iPhone app free for the purposes of reviewing the product. All opinions are ours.

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