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This year we upgraded our annual passes to Premium from Deluxe in order to see if we could save more money at the parks and have less blackout dates. My fifteen year old son and I go to the movies quite a bit and I loving doing just about anything at or near Disneyland so the AMC Movie theater there is typically my favorite one to go to. During a recent solo trip to Costco I remembered that The Avengers was coming out this weekend so I bought a few sets of tickets to AMC movie theater. Costco has this deal where for $15 you get two “gold” tickets which can be used at AMC to see a movie. There is one thing to note, on the very bottom on the reverse side of the ticket it states that some special engagements and 3-D movies would be subject to an additional charge. Knowing that we would be seeing the 3-D version of The Avengers anyway I was curious as to how much they would charge additional at the box office. I bought a few sets of them.

AMC 300x160 Movie Ticket Annual Pass Discount at Downtown Disney AMC

With tickets in hand my son, his friend and I went to the Downtown Disney AMC last Saturday to see The Avengers. Since it was opening weekend we got to see the movie on the larger screen that’s there. Before doing so we had to go to the box office to redeem our tickets. I handed over the Costco gold passes and was told that in order to see the 3-D version of the movie we have to pay a $4.00 per ticket additional charge. I asked if my newfangled annual pass would help in lowering the cost and was told no, the studios charge that $4.00 in order to be able to recoup the costs of the 3-D version of the movie or some such nonsense. Normally the tickets are $11.50 plus the $4.00 3-D surcharge which is $14.50 for one ticket. This is fifty cents less than the price I paid for 2 of those gold tickets from Costco! Add on the 3-D surcharge and I saved $3.00 per ticket. Even after the 10% or 20% discount on the tickets purchased at the box office using my AP your better off buying from Costco. Sure you could say that I had to pay for the Costco Membership, but I don’t just buy movie tickets there :).

At some stores you can get a pack of these tickets in 4 pack, 5 pack, 10 pack and I’ve even seen 20 pack of them as well. Look around and see what you can find and save some cash.

My favorite things about this particular AMC are that parking is free after you get your parking pass stamped and they have nice reclining seats.

Save yourself some dough and buy your tickets at Costco like I did and use your AP discount on food. We have written about other AP discounts in the past go check them out!

What other discount tips do you have for us? Leave them in the comments below.

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